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Wholesale Rustic Home Decor

wholesale rustic home decor

    home decor
  • The design, furnishing and decorating of the home or apartment; the products used to decorate a home.

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

  • any decorative items that make your house or garden feel like your home – often available in themes and groupings

  • the selling of goods to merchants; usually in large quantities for resale to consumers

  • Sell (goods) in large quantities at low prices to be retailed by others

  • at a wholesale price; "I can sell it to you wholesale"

  • sweeping: ignoring distinctions; "sweeping generalizations"; "wholesale destruction"

  • Constructed or made in a plain and simple fashion, in particular

  • bumpkinly: awkwardly simple and provincial; "bumpkinly country boys"; "rustic farmers"; "a hick town"; "the nightlife of Montmartre awed the unsophisticated tourists"

  • countrified: characteristic of rural life; "countrified clothes"; "rustic awkwardness"

  • Having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside

  • an unsophisticated country person

  • Lacking the sophistication of the city; backward and provincial

Rustic River Hardwood

Rustic River Hardwood

Rustic River Hardwood Natural hardwood beauty you can enjoy everywhere. Featuring some of today's most popular hand-scraped looks, the Rustic River flooring collection combines the rich, warm appeal of traditional hardwood planks with the versatility of engineered hardwood. It's the perfect choice for any room in your home, including rooms where solid hardwood isn't recommended, such as the kitchen, bath and basement. The multiple-ply construction of Rustic River engineered hardwood gives it greater stability. It won't twist, buckle or warp like solid hardwood when exposed to moisture. At the same time, the top layer is made from genuine hardwood for the classic look you want. Rustic River hand-scraped patterns are available in a variety of species, stains and plank widths which offers you lots of design options for expressing your flooring tastes. Explore the possibilities of Rustic River hardwood flooring … beautifully engineered for versatile style.

Rustic Bunting

Rustic Bunting

Rustic Bunting - Emberiza rustica

Russia, Republic of Altai, Artybash, 06/01/2006

wholesale rustic home decor

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